Create memories with an old fashion horse-drawn sleigh ride from Pocono Country Carriages Inc. You will be guided by one of our sleigh horses, Blossom (aka Big "B") or Mikey.

Blossom is a 2000 pound 16-1" hand register Percheron mare. Blossom is a gentle giant — very sweet. She is all black with a white star on her head.

Mikey is a 15 hand cross bred gelding. His color is called bay (brown with black mane and tail). Mikey has criss cross feet, which means 2 white and 2 black and has white stripe on his head. Mikey is very kind and loves to go on sleigh rides. They both love horse treats!

Imagine traveling through a wooded trail seeing wildlife and snuggling with our crushed velvet blankets, while hearing the jingle bells on the horse as it steps through the snow.


Upon request, we will take your picture with the horse & sleigh. (additional charge applies).
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Seasonal and when weather and conditions are suitable 
Call for information By appointment only.