Join us for a beginner course in Driving.  Learn to master the art of steering and using voice commands while sitting in a Two-Wheel Cart instead of on the horse's back.
One on one Lessons are given by a qualified, experienced instructor.  We place emphasis on safety and building confidence.
Instruction begins in an enclosed area until the student is comfortable with the harness, lines and horse, and later adding the cart.  When the student is ready, lessons move to Driving the Horse and Cart on our trails.
Join us for a beginner course in Horseback Riding.  We cater to beginners of all ages, especially timid riders who want to learn how to ride but fear such a large animal.  The instructor is at the beginner rider's side at all times during one on one instruction.
We begin by leading the horse from the paddock to the grooming area.  Each student learns how to properly groom, curry and pick the horse's hoofs.  Next. we teach the student to bridle and saddle the horse correctly.  At this point we progress to learning to mount and dismount the horse.
The student is then lead into an enclosed arena where the instructor has a lunge line on the horse for safety.  During the first lesson the student is taught to halt (Stop) and move forward (Start).  If the instructor feels the student needs more balance, we use exercises to help the rider lose the stiffness and become supple.
Gift certificates for Riding & Driving Lessons available upon request.
Riding and Driving Lessons



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